When receiving the goods, please carefully check the goods we deliver. After receiving the goods, our company DOES NOT APPLY a product return policy. Therefore, when receiving the goods, please CHECK THE GOODS CAREFULLY. If you discover that the goods are damaged due to transportation or are expired, please immediately call Ceramics Sales Hotline: +47 291 72 581 to notify our company of the status. Goods that customers receive are not as expected.

For delivery and home delivery: If the goods are found to be incorrect, of poor quality or damaged during transportation, etc. Please do not accept the goods or pay the staff. delivery staff.
For the form of transfer in advance, delivery later: If you find that the goods are not in accordance with specifications, do not ensure quality or are damaged due to transportation, etc., please do not accept the goods. Prepare a record to record the status of goods. You and our delivery staff sign to confirm the facts stated in the document. We bring the goods back.
Based on the actual goods and the above record, we will exchange another product for the customer within 2 working days. If the customer no longer needs to use the product, we will refund 100% of the amount the customer transferred after 7 working days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays). If within 7 working days you have not received the money, please respond to us to check the transfer status. We hope that the company’s sales policies will bring satisfaction and peace of mind when you purchase. Best regards.